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Bug#113785: Are "woody" and "sid" hard coded into boot-floppies?

Package: boot-floppies
Version: current (<= 2001/09/28)
Severity: minor

 I created a subset CD to use for installing on a server I plan to
 deploy next week, using "debian-cd" from CVS and the latest released
 boot-floppies from the archive (as of tuesday, sept 25, 2001).

 I changed the "CODENAME" from "woody" to "MSTI", and the cd seemed to
 build fine, but did not function correctly since dbootstrap was not
 able to find it; it apparently only looks for "woody" and "sid", or
 "testing" and "unstable"?

 I think there ought be a file of meta information on both a CD and a
 download/nfs archive that dbootstrap and whatever else can use to
 know where to find the distribution you wish to install.

 I've tagged this bug as "minor" since otherwise the install went well
 as far as boot-floppies part of things goes. (libc6 failed that day;
 error in postinst) If you folks don't have time to get this feature
 into boot-floppies, please at least add it to the list of stuff that
 ought to be part of "debian-installer".

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