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Re: problem configuring X11 with debian distrib

First: use debian-user list for such questions. This list is primarily
for Development of Installation Disks.

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Jean-François KABAK wrote on Sun Sep 16, 2001 um 12:27:09PM:

> I was using Mandrake an Redhat for a long time and a friend tell me
> about debian and it's functionnality. So, I decided to test this OS.

You mean Distribution, not OS. Your Debian copy is a Linux-OS, like
RedHat, SuSE etc.

> I downloaded a CD (2.2R3 for X86) and install debian without problem
> except for X which didn't recognize my video card. 

Did you answered all question of anXious, Potato's config tool?

> I tryed to point my source distrib to debian mirror sites (stable or
> not) with deselect to find an xserver-svga that work with my computer
> without success!

run apt-setup and add a Debian source from a mirror close to your
location. Then run "update" in dselect and you will see the package.

> I also tried to install my mandrake 8 XF86Config with the same problem.

Hm, didn't Mandrake ship with XFree-4.x? If you wish 4.0 (Potato's
default is 3.3.6), follow the instructions in 

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