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problem configuring X11 with debian distrib



I was using Mandrake an Redhat for a long time and a friend tell me about debian and it's functionnality. So, I decided to test this OS.

I downloaded a CD (2.2R3 for X86) and install debian without problem except for X which didn't recognize my video card.

I tryed to point my source distrib to debian mirror sites (stable or not) with deselect to find an xserver-svga that work with my computer without success!

I also tried to install my mandrake 8 XF86Config with the same problem.



Can U tell me if I missed something or I will not be able to use Debian!

Shall I have to compile XFree 4 myself ?


My computer is a VAIO PCG-F707 with a NeoMagic card.

All is working fine (mem/hdd/xircom network card...)

The only resolution I get is an horible 320x200x8bits!




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