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i18n BF <-> slang


When fighting with LC today I discovered that if I "cat" the
translated release notes files in bterm, all fonts look OK.

This reminded me that the problems with UTF8 dbootstrap
currently has are caused by the fact that it is linked against
ordinary newt and slang, not -utf versions of those.

As for newt, there exists a separate -utf version, so
conditional linking against it shouldn't be a problem.

However UTF support was removed from slang because it caused
problems with some programs, and there is currently no
slang1-utf in the archive.

Some questions, then:

Jim, do you plan to make such -utf package? If not, is anyone
willing to make one? (I have never packaged a library so far...)

slang1 is in base and base is frozen - how does that affect us?

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