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Re: 3.0.9-ide modconf &debootstrap probs

Glenn <bug1@optushome.com.au> writes:

> First problem i has is actually a kernel problem, i have 2 probise ultra66
> cards, the kernel hangs when tryign to read the hdd partitions, will go
> back and check that later.

Yes.  Either its a required kernel boot arg, or else perhaps a patch
is required to work around some hardware quirk.  Who knows.  In any
case, this is more of a matter for the kernel-image-* packages than
boot-floppies, so any bugs should go there.

> I installed the kernel and modules from floppy, things looked to be going
> ok, then i tried to configure the modules, it looked like it was trying to
> insert modules from the wrong directory, the top line had a list of dirs
> etc, var, usr, things got crazy for a while here, i couldnt get out of the
> modconf menus, i saw no space left on device a couple of times, after
> killing processes from the console i managed to regain control.

You ran out of space during the "install kernel and modules" step?

Or else something went nuts and used up all your disk space?

> I inserted my network card module from the console and continued at the
> configure the network device menu.

Yes, if you can still reproduce this in 3.0.12, and it's not just
"disk full" problems, then you should file a bug agianst
boot-floppies.  Please include the /var/log/messages file too.

> The _main_ Packages.gz file is a valid gzip file acording to gunzip -t, so
> im thinking that debootstrap.invalid_* isnt the intended filename.
> Thats the stage im currently at, ill send a follow up after i finish the
> install and setup fetchmail.

Probably fixed in the more recent boot-floppies, there were wget problems.

...Adam Di Carlo..<adam@onshore-devel.com>...<URL:http://www.onshored.com/>

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