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Bug#109455: dhcp non-functional 3.0.11

Yes, this is a connection through Roadrunner on TimeWarner cable. I have
twice verified with RR that we have 3 useable addresses. In fact, I've
used all three at once in the past and nothing since then has changed.
Something about the kernel, AFAICT, doesn't like Roadrunner's DHCP. I
keep wondering if there is some bit needing flipped in /proc.
dhclient-2.2.x goes to sleep with the message "No DHCPOFFERS received"
or somesuch.

On 21 Aug 2001 02:03:14 -0400, Daniel Bungert wrote:
> Yes, this happened to me too.  In my case, the dhcpd was expecting
> our dhcp client to release the current lease before a different client
> could obtain a new lease. (Cable modem stuff; I suppose this is their
> way of attempting to limit the cable modem to one user.)  In the
> process, the dhcpd would not give a lease to the Debian testing client I
> was setting up; dhclient went to sleep and appeared to return
> success.[1]
> -Dan
> [1] No, I have no proof, just a blind guess.

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