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Re: [debian-installer] Full CDROM install

[ I'm sorry for the delay, I've been busy with some projects outside of
  Debian, and some release-critical stuff inside it. Of course you'll get
  this with an extra week of delay too, since I'm camping ATM. ]

Raphael Hertzog wrote:
> i have to provide a simpler install for a specialized distribution that I
> work on. And I'm using Debian. I'd like to use this opportunity to
> contribute to debian-installer.

This is excellent!

I had hoped that the first working debian-installer would be able to do
network installs, and it's not too far away. I think actually that the
peices it's missing are all required for the cdrom installer
(partitioning, debootstrap interface). I'll be really happy when we get
a working cdrom installer (or any working install via d-i). We might
just get two for the price of one..

>   - a debconf database is setup using parameters from syslinux

This could be pretty easy to do, depending on if syslinux allows
specification of things like foo/bar=baz on the command line, and if the
command line can be sufficiently large. If it does that could seed values
in a debconf database.

> - the setup after reboot should be configurable, ie each udeb should be
>   able to provide a script that would be launched at the first boot.
>   In that way the traditionnal setup could easily be replaced by an
>   automatic install of packages for example (skipping tasksel).

You want to drop files in /usr/share/base-config/, see base-config(8).
I'm not sure I understand why udebs are supposed to be doing this
though, and not proper debian packages. And I wonder what you need to
add to the base-config process.

> And here are some open questions, can I programmatically control the flow
> of udeb modules ? I mean, actually it's controlled by
> XBC-Installer-Menu-Item and the depends. But I'd like for example to
> do an automatic partitioning when the disk is empty and let the user decide
> of his partitionning when there's a FAT partition taking all the room.
> Suppose that the automatic partionner and the manual partitionner are not
> in the same udeb, can I do something like that ? My first idea is
> that i'd have to have a partition-method-chooser that'd depend on
> automatic-partitioner and manual-partitioner and that would launch the
> corresponding program depending on its decision.

Instead of using Installer-Menu-Item fields, you can programmatically do
this via the menutest script mechanism. See doc/ui.txt.

see shy jo

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