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Re: Harddrive Install Problem

> The method I want to use is to install from my current Windows Partition. I
> have the proper drivers.tgz, base2_2.tgz, loadlin.exe and root.bin on the
> root directory of the Windows Partition and have my Debian Partition already
> set aside.
> When I get to the point of installing drivers.tgz the installer tries to
> look for the file 'images-1.44/drivers.tgz' and it cannot find it.
> I have tried creating a directory under windows called images-1.44 and it
> didnt work... I also opened a shell from the installer and tried making the
> directory in /mnt and instmnt and copying the files to this but when I do
> this and exit the shell the installer complains about root being changed and
> it overwrites the changes ive made to root.

You were on the right track creating the images-1.44 directory. But you need
to recreate the complete debian mirror structure under 'current' for the
installer. (You need only include the pertinent files for your
subarchitecture/flavor.) Check where you got the files, if they're in the
'current' directory on the mirror, put them inside a 'current' directory on
your hd, if they're in a subdirectory like idepci, then create that
subdirectory and put them in there.

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