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Re: Alpha Boot Floppies: new version

I have used the boot floppy images from to attempt an install from scratch 
on a Bret (AlphaStation 500/500).  

The good news?  bootp/tftp boot works great!  In SRM, you need to select bootp 
via console variable ('set ewa0_protocol bootp' or something like that) rather 
than via a flag to the boot command ('boot -proto bootp ewa0' does not work, 
failing with "Block FFFFFFF2 is not in any zone" messages).

The bad news?  The installation hangs during/right after installing the libc6.1 
package.  It hangs so solid that the shell on the second virtual console will 
not respond.  I even tried floppies rather than tftp and it stops in the same 
location.  Is this a known problem?

Also, when trying to write aboot to the disk, it looks like the installer is 
trying to swriteboot to the partition where the root filesystem is (/dev/sda<n>) 
rather than directly to /dev/sda .


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