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Software Raid Config on install

First I must say WOW...

Ok after setting up a local company mirror and making boot floppies 
debian installed perfect!!!

Just to be SIC(tm) I made my own boot disk's using 2.4.7. (a little 
tinkering and it worked).

Then I installed a copy of red had 6.2 since it will create software raid 
on installation.

Three disks 35gig scsi. A 20meg raid 1 and some raid 5 partitions. After 
it installed i started my custom boot disk with (woody root.bin). The 
raid's were auto started. I had to manually mount each one. Unfortunately 
it did not seem to detect that i mounted a swap part(on a raid 5). the 
rest of the installation went with only a few little issues.
Things like having to manually create the fstab file.

On to the real question are there plans to add software raid support to 
the boot floppies? Please say YES.

I'm in the process of upgrading 5 servers and 1 workstation to debian 
from suse and redhat(only one to install to software raid). Much of the 
hype I've read about debian seem to be true... great distribution!

BTW install to standard partition then migrate is fine for experts and 
I've done it many times but I'm over it and would like to have a 
automated/semiautomatic software raid system.

Again great work.


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