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Re: [PCI] building PCI IDs/drivers DB from Linux kernel sources


I've already done something and it should be included on kernel 2.5,
with my
autoprobe configuration utility.
The sources are in
(note that autoconfigure.rule is a simple bash script, so you can
and transform data in a few shell commands)

My format is:
   check_pci 'PCI_ID' NAME_OF_CONFIG # kernel/file
where PCI_ID is a regexp of the form:
   vendor_id, device_id, subvendor_id, subdevice_id; class, interface
(mail me for further details)

Note you should manually enter the devices, because there are a lot of
motherboard workaround in drivers,...

(I will chek you program and maybe I would stole some of your result, It
is GPL?)


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