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Re: Starting translation for Greek


Fri, Jul 27, 2001 at 09:30:19AM +0300 wrote:
> Hello again from (HOT) Greece ,
> I'm almost done with the translation of the po file 
> (90% done) and I was messing arround with the documantation
> translations.
That is wonderful!

> I have a couple of questions though 
> if you could advise I would be gratefull :
> 1. I translate the sgml files which reside in the documentation 
> directory but the one I'm getting from the cvs is 
> slightly different from the ones I saw in the woody version.
> Does this means that also the po file is differnet ?

It is.  Messages change from time to time and new ones are added as well.
These generally aren't big changes.

> Does that mean trouble or they are exchangeable ?
They are exchangable, sort of.  The best thing for you to do is to work
from current cvs.  The differences will be big enough that patches may not
apply cleanly, and that isn't much fun.

> And  which is better, the testing version 
> of boot-floppies(2.3.6) or the one from cvs ?
> (for translating purposes)

There will be some changes b/w current cvs and 2.3.6, but they won't be
big.  As a practical matter, though, it would be better for you to
translate current cvs because it will be easier to apply the patches.

> 2. I can't compile the documentation from the cvs
> version of the boot-floppies, it produces  errors in the
> english sgml docs and then stops. I need to produce the 
> documents (especialy the pdf because there are some known
> issues with latex and greek ) .

update your cvs. It is building fine for me this morning (on an unstable
system, though I don't know if that matters for the documentation).

Looking forward to the patches :-)


> They compile alright in 
> 2.3.6 but I haven't put in the translated ones yet.
> here's a sample output :
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------
> george:/data/boot/boot-floppies# make all-lang-docs
> set -e; for lang in C cs de es el fi fr hr ja pl pt ru sk; do \
>   echo "** making documentation for language $lang"; \
>     make -C documentation LINGUA=$lang uni-docs; \
>       echo; \
>       done
>       ** making documentation for language C
>       make[1]: Entering directory `/data/boot/boot-floppies/documentation'
>       make  all KVER="2.2.19" ALTKVER="" utillinux="" amigafdisk="" atarifdisk="" macfdisk="" pmacfdiskcross=""
>       make[2]: Entering directory `/data/boot/boot-floppies/documentation'
>       rm -f messages.ent
>       ln -s messages_C.ent messages.ent
>       rm -f dynamic.ent
>       ln -s dynamic_C_i386.ent dynamic.ent
>       debiandoc2text -d /usr/share/sgml/debiandoc/dtd/sgml/1.0/debiandoc.dcl -l C  -O install.sgml > install.en.txt
>       nsgmls:en/dbootstrap.sgml:408:40:E: general entity "Install-Kernel-and-Driver-Modules" not defined and no default entity
>       nsgmls:en/dbootstrap.sgml:409:6:E: no start tag specified for implied empty element "HEADING"
>       nsgmls:en/dbootstrap.sgml:693:23:E: general entity "Make-System-Bootable" not defined and no default entity
>       nsgmls:en/dbootstrap.sgml:694:6:E: no start tag specified for implied empty element "HEADING"
>       make[2]: *** [install.en.txt] Error 1

>       make[2]: Leaving directory `/data/boot/boot-floppies/documentation'
>       make[1]: *** [uni-docs] Error 2
>       make[1]: Leaving directory `/data/boot/boot-floppies/documentation'
>       make: *** [all-lang-docs] Error 2
>       george:/data/boot/boot-floppies# 
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Kind Regards
> George Papamichelakis

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