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Bootdisks for Dell PowerEdge 2500 and 2550


When creating the bootdisk for woody can you guys include support 
for AACRAID used by the Dell PowerEdge 2500 and 2550?

The kernelpatch kan be found at http://domsch.com/linux

And if you can't include them in the official boot disk package 
maybe you can make an unofficial boot disk?

If you guys could make some unofficial potato boot disk with
aacraid support untill woody is releast I would be very happy :)

I tried to make the bootdisks myself but the ones i made 
didn't work, so I must have done something wrong.

So the only way right now to install Debian on a pe2550 or pe2500
is to install redhat first and then make a debian installation
by hand from the base2_2.tgz package.

Ingemar Fällman

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