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Re: PCI hardware detection [RFC]

Le Thu, Jul 19, 2001 at 07:21:36AM -0700, David Kimdon écrivait:
> This idea for d-i is that the first disk (i386 only at the moment) does 
> hardware detection of ethernet modules.  After that the rest of the
> installer is downloaded over the ethernet and the installer can proceed
> with partitioning, base install, etc.

Please, consider also detecting CD readers so that CD installs can do the
same.  (it's what Mandrake actually does)

They have a stage1 step that detects the CD readers, loads the necessary
modules to get access to the CD, and then they setup a big ramdisk with
an image found on the CD and they make it the new root (since they are
in the initrd step at the same time).

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