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Re: PCI hardware detection [RFC]

> supplementary resources via the device --- network fs). The trick is in fact
> to try to have the smallest bootstrapping procedure and there seems to be
> already a large part of the work done.
> The last time I checked for libdetect it was such a huge beast and decided
> to find another way to do the stuff.

hmm, looking at libdetect myself I found it to be little more than some
/proc/ processing c-code in many cases.  It is fairly moular (i.e. just
pull in pci.o if that is all you want.)  I'll agree that some of
libdetect's data structres aren't optimized for exactly what you are doing
here, but these defeciencies are on the order of 8 bytes per supported

> I don't want to do something on my own, and do want to work with others. The
> only problem is that I have some deadlines at work, and that I try to both
> develop for a general purpose (d-i), and to address more peculiar and
> limited needs at work ;)

I understand, well, hopefully we can keep talking and figure something out,
looks like we are really doing the same thing, albiet slightly different
end goals.


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