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Re: di: apt-spy instead of choose mirror ?

On Fri, Jul 20, 2001 at 11:22:30AM +1000, Glenn wrote:
> Maybe for the next debian installer we could use possibly customised
> apt-spy to automatically select the mirror.
> The only problem with apt-spy that i see is that it takes ages if you run
> the whole thing, but it can be given options to only try 5 or 25 sites.
> Or if we are going to have different modes (i.e. expert novice) then
> novice could use apt-spy and expert could have the option of overriding
> it.

Does apt-spy know about geographical proximity yet, or could it be told
to sort mirrors according to proximity to the install? While obviously
not perfect, it would be better than either no sort at all, or sorted
by something simple like lexical order or IP order.

Would there be any big liabilities to doing something like this, besides
the time needed to construct and weight the list in the first place?

The only potential problems that come to mind right now are: How would
one tell the installer geographical location? Would country/region be
sufficient? And, would the list be simply too large for the installer,
even to be optional?


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