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Re: Differences between $ARCH's

Hi Russell,

For x86 we can't fit everything on 1 disk.  The first disk (rescue.bin)
holds the kernel along with a few device drivers.  The second disk
(root.bin) holds the root filesystem (system tools and libraries).  For the
debian-installer project we have fit it all on one floppy, but that is for
the (hopefully near) future.

Wed, Jul 18, 2001 at 10:25:50PM -0400 wrote:
> Hey everyone, 
> I've got a question about boot floppies on the various architectures: I just 
> obtained my first x86 computer and to boot, I have to have two floppy disks: 
> one rescue.bin and root.bin. I have never used the rescue.bin to boot for 
> either my PowerMac or my m68k Macintosh. I realize that they have different 
> boot loaders (such as Penguin for m68k, and BootX/yaboot-ybin for PPC) but 
> having to boot first using the rescue.bin and then inserting the root.bin 
> strikes me as odd...I thought I'd just be able to boot straight off the 
> root.bin, but I guess not, as experience shows me... :-) 
> Anyway, what am I missing about this whole process and the differences 
> between the $ARCH's?

Each arch has a limited way of booting, and that is defined by the
hardware.  Some arch's prefer to load images over the network using
tftp or mop,  others can boot off floppies, other can boot from inside
other OS's. 

> Thanks for helping me to understand!

I hope that helps,


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