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Re: Differences between $ARCH's

> Hey everyone, 
> I've got a question about boot floppies on the various architectures: I just
> obtained my first x86 computer and to boot, I have to have two floppy disks:
> one rescue.bin and root.bin. I have never used the rescue.bin to boot for
> either my PowerMac or my m68k Macintosh. I realize that they have different
> boot loaders (such as Penguin for m68k, and BootX/yaboot-ybin for PPC) but
> having to boot first using the rescue.bin and then inserting the root.bin
> strikes me as odd...I thought I'd just be able to boot straight off the
> root.bin, but I guess not, as experience shows me... :-)
> Anyway, what am I missing about this whole process and the differences
> between the $ARCH's?
> Thanks for helping me to understand!
> Russell

The install manual mentions that for some architectures the kernel and root
image couldn't fit on one floppy, so they were split on to two.

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