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Re: New cvs snapshot of woody boot-floppies (supports basedebs.tgz)

> built that for m68k. On my auric page.
Got it. So far, so good.

> Sometimes somebody has to explain this "directory" thingy to me. No matter
> what I enter there, it doesn't like it. I have a directory named Debian-2.3
> on an affs partition. I tried /instmnt/Debian-2.3, /Debian-2.3 and various
> combinations, it doesn't find it. Maybe its an affs weirdo. The "search"
> method however works fine.
I had no problems here.

> Irritating is, it says searching for Release when in fact its searching for
> basedebs.tgz. 

Yeah! I second that...of course, after unpacking the basedebs, then it's 
getting the Release file...

> It finds it but then says there was a problem unpacking the
> tarball (the acutal error message is overwriten by that window, console-3
> only tells me there as a problem, like in the error window). 
Didn't have this problem at all.
And it does not look as
> if I had run out of space, the partition is only ~100MB, but there are
> still 68MB available. 
I have tons of space... :-) But a slow disk. :-\
> But maybe other testers have more luck...
> Christian

Well, I'm stuck on the "4403980 4403980 Downloading packages" message. For at 
least 30 minutes. I don't think I crashed, because the cursor is blinking to 
the right, and there is occasional disk activitiy --- this is all on my LCII 
(m68K mac). I don't know what's going on here...This machine is not connected 
to anything internet related (yet), though it is connected via a serial cable 
to my Powermac...


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