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Bug#105492: [PATCH] : bit o discussion

I tried all the pdf viewers listed earlier in the bug report.  Someone needs to
write a clickable index for one of them.  Unless it was hiding I didn't see one,
that is annoying for documents of any size.  

 - I don't see any reason to suggest a particular viewer. from my limited
   testing all the Free ones are equal, only acroread has a clickable index.

 - Any better way to get a list of pdf-viewer's than what I have suggested here?


Index: index.en.html.m4
RCS file: /cvs/debian-boot/boot-floppies/documentation/index.en.html.m4,v
retrieving revision 1.10
diff -u -r1.10 index.en.html.m4
--- index.en.html.m4	2000/09/22 19:47:00	1.10
+++ index.en.html.m4	2001/07/16 21:05:51
@@ -118,16 +118,12 @@
-  <font size="-1"><p><b>PDF</b> documents may be viewed with the
-   <a href="http://www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/readstep.html";>Adobe® Acrobat®</a>
-   reader, which is offered as a gratuity to the public by Adobe
-   Corporation.  There is both a standalone version and a web browser
-   plug-in that you may download.  It is very nice, and you will enjoy
-   using the Linux version, installable as a Debian package.  Please
+  <font size="-1"><p><b>PDF</b> documents may be viewed with one of 
+  many pdf viewers ('apt-get install pdf-viewer' to see a list of available
+  alternatives).
+   Please
    read these documents on your computer whenever possible, rather
-   than printing them. PDF documents are searchable and have a
+   than printing them. PDF documents are searchable and many have a
    clickable table of contents.  The typesetting is publication
    quality.  Save trees!  Electrons recycle much more <u>read</u>ily
    than paper products.</p></font>

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