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Re: basedebs.tgz

Okay, I got the stuff...but now what to do with it? From the archives of this 
list, I think that I have to go to a console, copy the basedebs.tgz over to 
/target (from the macos partition where it was originally), tar xvzf 
basedebs.tgz (all this after I'm in the installation program and the step is 
listed as "Install the Base System." But the installer still looks for 
/dists/woody/main/binary-m68k/Release on the local drive...Interestingly, 
when I untar the basedebs, I get a few files in /target/var/apt/lists (which 
is where they are supposed to go, right?) that are named 
debootstrap.invalid_dists_woody_Release, and a few other 
debootstrap.invalid_dists_woody_[whatever] files.

What's up with that? 


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