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Re: installation impasse

On Sat, Jul 14, 2001 at 04:24:46PM -0700, Andrew T. Young wrote:
> I'm trying to migrate from a Slackware system with kernel version 1.2.9 to the
> current Debian stable release.  I downloaded the boot, root, and 11 base floppies
> for the "compact" version, and all went OK until I got to the part (after
> re-booting from the boot floppy) about installing and configuring the rest of the
> system, which requires access to the Net.
> My connection is a PPP link, and it runs through a funny modem that uses port 2f0
> and IRQ 2.  On the 1.2.9 system, this is simply configured by setserial in
> rc.serial.  But this does not work on the Debian system, which reports "No such
> device" although I made the /dev/ttyS14 entry with mknod.
> It appears that the serial-port code now lives in a module; but where do I find
> it?

Most modules are available and installable during the boot-floppies
installation process (it's an option in the main menu, look for it).

> It also appears that many other people have had similar problems (mostly while
> trying to install Winmodems) -- a search for "debian" and "ttyS14" turns up
> hundreds of pages of similar complaints, but no solution.  This is not explained
> in either the Serial-HOWTO or the Modem-HOWTO.

What modem are you using ? is it a Lucent or similar ? If you had it running
with Slackware/1.2.9 there's  no reason it shouldn't  work with Debian/2.2.19+

> It would be helpful if the installation program provided the means of setting up
> this special port for those of us who need it.
> It would also be helpful if the instructions on how to do this were included in
> one of the HOWTO documents.
> Furthermore, it would be nice if the necessary module (which I suspect is
> "generic_serial.o") were readily available from the Debian ftp site.  Apparently




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