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Re: base-8 disk

Thank you Matt! I had set a "/" partition too small for the base system...
(I followed the instructions in the installation website, but I guess one
has to play with dimensions a little...are there examples of partition
tables one can consult?)

I unsubscribed to the mailing list because I was getting my mailbox
flooded...please reply directly to me if necessary (is there a way to
access/read the mailing list "from outside"?)


On Wed, 4 Jul 2001, Matt Kraai wrote:

> On Tue, Jul 03, 2001 at 11:19:31PM -0600, A. Roubicek wrote:
> > The error message appears in an installation-type window and says:
> > "error writing to output file: success";
> > after that it tries to install from the incomplete gz file and fails.
> > I hope you can find this info useful; please let me know if there is
> > anything else you may need to diagnose this problem.
> This code looks pretty broken to me.  It looks like it is
> performing a short write (i.e., the write only writes some of the
> data it is given) when it is appending to /target/drivers.tgz.  It
> then ignores this error and tries to install /target/drivers.tgz
> anyway.
> I'm not exactly sure why the short write would occur.  Could you
> please switch over to tty2 and make sure that you have enough
> disk space?  You can do so by running df.
> Irregardless, it should be fixed, both the handling of short
> writes and the installation of drivers.tgz even if it fails to
> read all of it from the floppies.
> Matt
> P.S. Please preserve the CC to debian-boot so that there is an
> archive of the discussion, and so that other people can help out
> as well.

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