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Re: base-8 disk

On Tue, Jul 03, 2001 at 11:19:31PM -0600, A. Roubicek wrote:
> The error message appears in an installation-type window and says:
> "error writing to output file: success";
> after that it tries to install from the incomplete gz file and fails.
> I hope you can find this info useful; please let me know if there is
> anything else you may need to diagnose this problem.

This code looks pretty broken to me.  It looks like it is
performing a short write (i.e., the write only writes some of the
data it is given) when it is appending to /target/drivers.tgz.  It
then ignores this error and tries to install /target/drivers.tgz

I'm not exactly sure why the short write would occur.  Could you
please switch over to tty2 and make sure that you have enough
disk space?  You can do so by running df.

Irregardless, it should be fixed, both the handling of short
writes and the installation of drivers.tgz even if it fails to
read all of it from the floppies.


P.S. Please preserve the CC to debian-boot so that there is an
archive of the discussion, and so that other people can help out
as well.

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