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Woody ide-pci boot floppy


Please accept my apologies if this has already been brought to your attention,
I spent enough time finding the correct place to submit the report, never mind
find if it was already submitted. It would be a good idea to have a quick
rundown on how to find suitable packages or addresses for the installation on
the woody distribution page.

I have just started a network install of woody using this boot disk:


I am unsure which root disk I used, however I am sure it came from the woody
directory somewhere.

The boot disk booted, and the root disk loaded and started the installation
and everything was good until I was prompted to configure the modules.

Previously I had retreived drivers.tgz over the network from the default
location (although on a mirror), they decompresed into

I got errors from the installation program complaining that there were no
modules to be configured in /target/lib/modules/2.2.19-idepci

uname -r does indeed produce a 2.2.19-idepci

mv /target/lib/modules/2.2.19 /target/lib/modules/2.2.19-idepci fixed this.

I don't know what the best way to fix this is, perhaps
mv /target/lib/modules/2.2.19 /target/lib/modules/`uname -r`
after decompressing drivers.tgz

Tom Parker - tom@carrott.org
           - http://www.carrott.org

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