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Re: Install Manual Updates Phase 2

On Tue, Jul 03, 2001 at 06:59:26PM -0400, Adam Di Carlo wrote:

> Quite honestly, there are only two cases that I see are all that valid:
>  (a) if you're a single user, single disk workstation, just make one
>  partition for swap, and one big one for everything else
>  (b) if you're a server, than you bettah split out /tmp, /var, /usr, possibly
>  /var/mail, yadda yadda sysadmin black art
> I don't see any benefit to a user in situation (a) in making more than one
> partition.

I think you are agreeing with me.  There are some benefits for a single user to
create more than one partition: for example, splitting off /home to preserve
personal data and settings in the event of a switch to another operating
system.  However, this situation is nowhere near common enough to justify
tailoring the installation process and/or documentation to that task.  If the
user has more advanced partitioning _requirements_, they should have more
advanced partitioning _skills_ as well.

Perhaps a pointer to a partitioning HOWTO would be appropriate.

 - mdz

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