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install logging

I've got an idea -- I think it'd be nice if base-config runs all or part
of itself under script, with output going to /var/log/something. The
idea being this will produce very handy typescripts for testing now, and
later on will be useful too. (No more incoherent whining "something
broke"? Probably too much to hope for.)

Running a process that includes setting the root password under script
and saving the output might be ill-advised though, even though debconf
is not about to output anything while you're typing in root's password,
so the only way any info about it could leak out is if you mistakenly
typed it in at the wrong time or something. But I may just run the
apt-get run under script, not the whole thing. And the log file should
probably come out mode 600 root.root out of general paranoia. TBD.

Question is: What should I call the log? IIRC dbootstrap copys over an
install log now. Would it make sense to append to it? What filename?
Does anything ever result in this log being deleted after, say a week of
uptime, when the events of the install are probably no longer a concern, 
and a huge typescript of a base-config run should not be cluttering up
the disk?

see shy jo

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