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Re: Bug#99185: Problem installing Potato on an Amiga 1200

Me, on 2001-06-04:

> > > Well, as I said, the installer doesn't find the partition, so it can't
> > > initialize it.
> > Can you initialize it by hand?
> I can run mke2fs and mount it on /target manually from VC2, and this is
> accepted by the installer, even though it believes I do not have any
> partitions...
> Now to get it to find my network card, 2.2.19 gave an error with that,
> I have to try the newer version.

I tried the other package as given, and it did find the network card
and continued the installation, neither of the versions did, however,
recognize my partitions, so I had to mount the manually before I could
do the installation.

The thing is currently installting the tasks I selected in tasksel, so
it seems to work.

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