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Re: base*.tgz is gone, and why it's gone


> adduser is the first package debootstrap tries to fetch, so if things
> are borked from the start you always get a message `cannot download
> adduser' which can be a bit misleading in some circumstances.
I forgot to run debootstrap manually, so next week I will try to do this,
maybe it will be more informative than the installer.

> debootstrap uses the Packages file to locate packages, is the Packages
> file present? is it also properly refernced in the Release file?
> debootstrap uses the Release file to find the Packages file.
I can use the CDs with apt-cdrom, so I think everything is OK with these

> its also possible that dbootstrap is broken, choose_medium.c is a
> giant rat hole...  but from your log message the debootstrap
> invocation looks correct (CDs don't have the /debian directory do
> they?)
No, there is no /debian.

for the layout.

> most (all?) of us i think have been testing with network and hard
> disk/nfs installs rather then CDs...
Currently my images seem to be OK, because I built them with the potato
bfs, but that's not a good perspective.

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