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Re: installing potato on a dinosaurus ;-)

Well, why don't you try slink ?

On Thu, Jun 28, 2001 at 08:03:17PM +0200, Mickaël wrote:
> Dear Gurus,
> I write you as I'm desesparate !
> Debian Linux is my favorite distrib since it's the only free and
> transparent one. Making a server using it is simply stable and
> evolutive.
> Today, i've got a new ARCHAIC i486SX notebook with only 8 MB of RAM I
> would turn into a network diag station using Potato.
> Great, that's ok ... but the installation help mention clearly the need
> of 12 MB of RAM ! I've tried to install it, ignoring this, but I've some
> problem when the kernel tries to free some memory pages (it complains
> ever and ever, installing is then impossible).
> I wouldn't install anything else but Potato, so what can I do. what are
> the tips and tricks ? Is there no solutions to install my favorite OS on
> such hardware limited machines (it was so pleasant to recycle my old
> machines by the past with a full multi-user OS) ? or would I change to
> FreeBSD instead (even if FreeBSD is a great one, I would be sad if my
> dear Potato wouldn't install) ?
> Great thanks by advance for any help.
> Mickaël Suzenne
> France
> m.suzenne@cpi.fr
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