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Re: base*.tgz is gone, and why it's gone


> adduser is on the first CD, can someone confirm ?
Yes, in pool/a/adduser.

> And I guess that adduser is the first base package that debootstrap
> tries to get, so it may not be related to debian-cd ... maybe
> something totally different like nothing mounted on /instmnt ...
Nope. The CD is mounted on /instmnt, I can find the adduser package with

> Check with debian-boot and aj, explain what you did, eventually what
> you skipped in the process. The problem is not with debian-cd I guess.
OK, but I don't know what counts, so questions please ;)

> Other people had success, you must do something different from the
> others that'd explain it. Do you try to get the base from the CD or
> from the network ?
I did a "linear" install, always choosing the CD method. It is -of course-
possible, that I messed up something...

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