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Problems with the IBM Power Series 400 (601e/PReP arch)

  I recently got the machine mentioned in the subject. I tried to install it
(currently AIX is infecting the harddrive), but failed. After doing some
deep searches on the net I found out that:
  - in general IBM PReP machines /should/ work
  - the build-in graphics adapter (Diamond Viper Pro with Weitek 9000 chip)
    is a bitch and /not/ supported.

The normal (and only) behaviour of a (linux) boot try is :
  - normal PowerPC screen
  - a lot of reading from the boot disk.
  - I change the disks and press enter
  - nothing.

  Now my question: Would it be possible to use the serial line to install
the machine? Since I cant use the screen (and maybe the keyboard) this is
the only possibility I can think of ...

  Thanx in advance,

Andreas Sliwka           -  System Analyst  -  EMEA Information Technologies
UUNET Deutschland GmbH   -  Sebrathweg  20  -       44149 Dortmund / Germany

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