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Bug#101844: (no subject)

Package: boot-floppies
flavor: debian2.2r3 downloaded from debian ftp site
soon after its release.
architecture:  i386
model: IBM Thinkpad 650EL 
memory:  24MB
scsi: none
cd-rom: ibm 4x, either or w/ floppy drive(not
installed atm)
network card: none other than modem(28.8k??)
pcmcia: does have,slots are empty
ide: hd:ibm travelstar 1.2GB 2358cyl,16heads,63sec/t

(right after it loads the kernel?) i get this error

request_module[block-major-8]: Root fs not mounted
VFS: Cannot open root device 08:03
Kernel panic:VFS: Unable to mount root fs on 08:03 

then the comp locks solid and i have to hard reboot to
get out.

It seems to be identifying the hd ok and the mem but
ive tried passing lilo the arguments
mem=24m,ramdisk,hd=2358,16,63 but does same thing

any idears?? something im overlooking maybe??

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