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Make Debian Floppy

For posterity, I've attached the Make Debian Floppy script. It really is 
convenient to use, just drag the *.bin images to the script icon and supply
floppies. You need Disk Copy (the utility) and Applescript (the system

If you gunzip it within Linux, the resource fork for the script will be
lost. But you can still use it, just load the remaining text into Script
Editor and save it as a Classic Applet again (that will make it droppable).

The source for the script is accessible when you open it with Script Editor.

-- This Applescript uses the Disk Copy utility to
-- create a floppy for use in installing and/or booting Linux
-- on a powerpc, for example the Debian distribution floppy
-- images like root.bin.

-- This script copyright Chris Tillman, tillman@azstarnet.com,
-- and is available to all under the terms of the

|  .''`.  | Debian GNU/Linux: <http://www.debian.org>            |
| : :'  : | debian-imac:    <http://debian-imac.sourceforge.net> |
| `. `'`  |      . oo       Chris Tillman                        |
|   `-    |     (   -)      tillman@azstarnet.com                |

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