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Re: base*.tgz is gone, and why it's gone

On Fri, 15 Jun 2001, Ethan Benson wrote:

> i tend to agree, though there are some contrived cases where
> installing via a base tarball without net access is useful.  
> for example i have a very slow internet connection and several
> machines, i would like to download the base tarball once and then
> reuse on each machine.  also after i install one and use apt-move to
> make a mini mirror of the archive which other machines can use in
> addition to the net access.  since all machines have mostly the same
> packages installed at a minimum (priority standard) those will only
> have to be downloaded once.  
> debootstrap doesn't like apt-move mirrors since they don't have
> proper Release files. 
> i know there are other ways to work around this just none as
> straightforward as downloading base.tgz and using it multiple times.  
> > If you don't have a net connection, use a CD install, since presumably
> > just having base wont be enough in this case anyway.
> thats the ideal method of course.  asside from getting a real internet
> connection. 

The great advantage of the potato b-f is its flexibility.  There are a
number of people out there who use b-f in peculiar ways as consultants or
for in-house pojects.  Most of these people have little or no connection
with the Debian project as such.

In my case I am OK.  I have learnt enough about b-f over the last months
to know what to hack to produce the Hurd CDs using a tarball, other people
may not be so fortunate.


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