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Bug#100996: boot-floppies regress. seriously

Package: Installation
Version: 2.3.5
Severity: grave

Complete version: 2.3.5-2001-06-14 compact

Error-message: debootstrap exited with error 1.
dpkg --force-depends --force-overwrite --force failed.

(approximation) I tracked this down to be in /usr/lib/

I cannot explain why this fails but if I try to do
from /usr/bin it isn't there (anymore?) and if I try
do it from /target/usr/bin it fails whining over

Install-sequence: boot from compact rescue, load
compact root. Do everything from scratch.
US keyboard, swap, clean root partition.
Install kernel and modules from floppy, configure
network then install the base system over the net from

The first part works out fine, then it says it's
installing some empty files, then wants to continue
gives the error message stated above repeatedly.
After ok-ing all the errors you return to the menu.

Hope this helps,


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