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Re: Bug#100749: cdrom entry in /etc/fstab points to non-existant /dev/cdrom

David D.W. Downey wrote:
> And what if there are multiple CDROMs in a system? What if they have a
> regular CDROM, a DVD, and a burner, or just a burner and DVD?
> I really wish distrib's would give users the choice of which CDROM to use.
> Personally, and I know MANY MANY people who feel the same way, I do not
> like to use my CDRW as a normal CDROM. I prefer to use my DVD for that.
> This is impossible on all but slackware installs.
> ie. Give the user a choice of which CDROM to use if there is more than
> one.

You seem to be arguing without knowing what debian does, because that's
*exactly* what it does now.

If you install from cdrom, you pick with one the system boots, and that
is the one the /dev/cdrom link is set to.

If you do not install from cdrom, and you tell apt-setup you want to use
a cdrom to install packages, you are given a dialog from which to enter
the device name of the cdrom you wish to use. /dev/cdrom is then linked
to that device.

see shy jo

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