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Re: 2.3.5 powerpc installation

>> /target/ for hard disks. Since stuff gets mounted under /target by the
>> installer, and it doesn't tell the user that, it's not immediately obvious
>> that the /target prefix is needed for paths.
> your supposed to let the installer mount the hard disk partition when
> you select `install from hard disk partition' when it asks what method
> you want to use.  in that case the partition is mounted on /instmnt
> where it belongs and is expected.  everything mounted under /target
> will end up in your final /etc/fstab.

Well one of the options is 'already mounted partition' so I thought that
should be tested. You're right, it's probably not a common choice. That's
interesting about the fstab; so if I manually mount an HFS disk during
installation to read base from, it will automatically mount the same disk
after I reboot into the new system? It's a feature.

> the users who don't know will probably run `Make System Bootable' as
> well which would have replaced yaboot.conf.  i wish you would have
> tested that step BTW, it works on newworld powermacs now but has been
> getting zero testing except by me.

There wasn't any base tarball in aph's powerpc-disks folder; I didn't think
if I could do that out of order (without installing base first).


Chris Tillman

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