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Re: timezone

Adam Di Carlo wrote:
> Joey, is it possible to have base-config configure the timezone?

Hm, what command would you normally run to do that? tzconfig? It doesn't
really match the interface used by the rest of the install process, if

It's now possible for any package that wants something to happen at
base-config time to accomplish this by dropping a program into
/usr/lib/base-config/. The program is run by run-parts, so you need to
prefix it with a number (and look carefully at what's already there to
get a good number) so it's ordered sanly. This is documented in
base-config(8) in more detail.

> I don't see any reason why this needs to be handled in dbootstrap, and
> if we can get rid of this, then we can remove the whole "configure
> base" step (or add anything it's doing to do it after we install base)
> since timezone is the only interactive bit there left...

Well I've always wanted to get rid of that step, but it requires we have
something similar UI-wise to run on the base system to set up timezones. 
That could mean making a debconf version of tzconfig, or moving the code
that is used now to configure the timezone on the boot floppies into to a
package in base. Whatever, so long as the UI is decent. Again, tzconfig
is fine, except it just doesn't match.

see shy jo

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