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Ash + historic + uClibc +static : 287Ko

Hello all,

FYI, I have played a little around `ash', uClibc, the historic (libedit)

Here is the result for a full compatible ash with historic :

thierry@pc04:~/cvs/BSD/basesrc/bin/sh$ ls -al sh
-rwxr-xr-x    1 thierry  thierry    287168 jun  6 11:21 sh

thierry@pc04:~/cvs/BSD/basesrc/bin/sh$ ldd sh
        statically linked (ELF)

There are obviously optimisations to do --- I have not changed the code, but
tried to get the job with preprocessor ; I have used the libedit port found
at sourceforge.net and recompiled ncurses against uClibc too.

The patches are not clean enough at the moment to show. But work is under
progress to be tidy enough to share ;)

Thierry LARONDE, Centre de Ressources Informatiques, Archamps - France

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