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Re: where are uptodate boot disk images for woody

Matt Kraai <kraai@debian.org> writes:

> No.  I tried the 2.3.4 set earlier today, and a BusyBox bug
> prevented the permissions from being set correctly.  Please see
> http://bugs.debian.org/99627 for a description of the problem and
> a fix.  We'll need another BusyBox revision.  Erik, may I suggest
> that we include the fix to this problem *only* to prevent further
> collateral damage?

Can you quote the bug here?  I can't seem to get into the BTS at the

> Also, the af_packet.o module was not included on the compact
> floppies root disk, so I still had to use the driver floppies.

Urk!  I thought we got this one already!

> And both panes of the timezone configuration form showed the
> selections in blue, making it difficult to tell which pane was
> focused.  I also noticed some errors during debootstraps run, but
> they scrolled by pretty quickly (exim had some kind of problem
> opening a logfile, for instance).

I wish a lot that we could kill the dbootstrap timezone stuff -- what
do you think... couldn't this move into base-config or libc6 or

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