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Re: thoughts on boot floppies

On Sun, Jun 03, 2001 at 09:03:54PM +0200, MPfeifer wrote:
> yes i know that, that's also why i subscribed to this list, to see what's going
> on here, and where i can help.
> i am not a programmer, but i've got some experience with scripting, and i've
> always had a fascination for minidistro's. above that i've access to
> sparc-machines (sun4c, sun4u), m68k (macintosh) and PPC (macintosh)
> and of course x86. is there some part were i could look at? which doesn't
> require real coding? or is it better that i go to the "translation" section?;)

well you could do testing with powerpc boot-floppies (well all testing
is good, but esp powerpc, there are very few testers there).  there is
now a completly new and replaced Make System Bootable function that
works on NewWorld powermacs, and maybe oldworlds.  both however need

and of course documentation needs help, i think you can find several
things to do that don't involve coding.  

do a cvs checkout build and test the current ones, build and test.
note there is many issues we are already aware of, i am not sure the
best way for you to get aquainted with that list of known problems
other then reading this list.  

for me i would just be happy to have another person testing the fixes
to the bootloader setup thats been long needed on powerpc.  

Ethan Benson

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