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Re: thoughts on boot floppies


yes, indeed with the "compact" kernel it worked. i installed 3 hours ago just
with two floppies over the network.

>> i wonder what the reason is for this. and maybe i can help out a bit.
> We always need help. 

yes i know that, that's also why i subscribed to this list, to see what's going
on here, and where i can help.

i am not a programmer, but i've got some experience with scripting, and i've
always had a fascination for minidistro's. above that i've access to
sparc-machines (sun4c, sun4u), m68k (macintosh) and PPC (macintosh)
and of course x86. is there some part were i could look at? which doesn't
require real coding? or is it better that i go to the "translation" section?;)


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