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Bug#99652: dialog boxes confusing - active choice not clear

On Sat, Jun 02, 2001 at 12:28:50PM -0700, David Whedon wrote:
> > 
> > Another alternative might be to put some sort of indicator under the
> > active choice, like '^', '*****', or '---^---', etc.
> > 
> I don't know how to easily implement this with libnewt (the windowing library
> boot-floppies uses).
> An easy option which may or may not be any better is to not use the 'compact'
> version of buttons for yes/no boxes.  An example of this can be found here:
> http://people.debian.org/~dwhedon/yesno_proposed.png
> for reference this is what the box looks like now:
> http://people.debian.org/~dwhedon/yesno_current.png
> Comments?

"I think it's a good idea".  Do we have any serious space issues with
this?  I don't remember any.

Daniel Jacobowitz                           Debian GNU/Linux Developer
Monta Vista Software                              Debian Security Team

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