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Bug#99652: dialog boxes confusing - active choice not clear

Package: boot-floppies
Severity: normal

The (ncurses?) dialog boxes for the boot-floppies are confusing,
because unless one knows in advance that the blue item is the active
one in a "Yes/No" question, one doesn't know which choice one is
picking, especially since the default varies per question.

I helped a friend with a B.S. in Computer Science do a Debian install
yesterday, and he was quite confused at first until I told him that
the blue choice was active.

I can think of a couple of ways to fix this.  The easiest would
probably be to not make movement between the Yes/No choices circular;
i.e. if one hits the right arrow when the active choice is "No", it
just stays there.  That way, one could, by using a bit of deduction,
figure out what the active choice is.

Another alternative might be to put some sort of indicator under the
active choice, like '^', '*****', or '---^---', etc.

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