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Re: powermac boot-floppy patches

On Fri, Jun 01, 2001 at 06:35:46PM -0500, Stephen R Marenka wrote:
> I understand that, the problem with check_for_native_partition is that
> it is called after any disk is partitioned, so I'm not sure there's a
> good way to check for root and Apple_Bootstrap on the same disk. That
> may have to be checked when root is mounted. That's why I abandoned
> check_for_native partition originally. What I was thinking about was
> checking for the existence of an Apple_Bootstrap partition on any disk
> after any disk is formatted. If none exists, then raise an alarm
> (complete with continue anyway, let me be an idiot).

at mount of root might not be bad...  

> I was thinking more on relying on existing documentation and mail
> archives. I only have a 7500 and a 7600 available for testing.

that would do.. or maybe we could ask a second question about setting
output-device if the machine is in the list of `we think it will work'  

> > it, so a symlink to boot/vmlinux-foo becomes a symlink to simply
> > vmlinux-foo.  
> Oh right. Since my patch added a preceding /, you might not want that
> bit. Although, I'm not still not clear why you'd want that symlink.
> Doesn't it depend on your current working directory? What am I missing?

otherwise a specific kernel version is written into /etc/yaboot.conf,
if we point yaboot at a symlink the user only has to repoint the
symlink on kernel upgrades, no need to edit /etc/yaboot.conf and rerun
ybin.  kernel-image .debs will do that automatically (an in /boot
rather then / if so configured in /etc/kernel-img.conf).

yaboot won't have a problem with a relative symlink so long as it
works within /boot alone (if its a partition).  so a symlink foo ->
bar will work with yaboot, but a symlink foo -> /boot/bar will not
since /boot is / as far as yaboot cares.

i think i am going to delete the /vmlinux symlink if /boot is a
partition, it will only annoy yabootconfig and cause confusion i

> > i am not seeing any change to that right now though.. you sure you
> > commited that change?
> My screen still says bootconfig.c new version 1.98. Hmmmm. Maybe I'll do
> a fresh checkout to see what's going on.

i saw the quik dialog changes, but nothing in that symlink stuff.. 

Ethan Benson

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