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Re: powermac boot-floppy patches

On Thu, May 31, 2001 at 09:02:02PM -0500, Stephen R Marenka wrote:

> That's the problem with having a laptop for testing. Please, do test. 

i will do that.  

> I stripped out the yaboot.conf file I was generating to add the
> yabootconfig stuff. I didn't go back and clean out the rest of the junk.
> Ooops. Primarily, I wanted to make sure my patches got in to prevent 
> someone from duplicating my effort. Thanks for the cleanup.

i have it fixed to compile now ;-)  we will see if my other changes
work shortly...

> I'll look through the logic again. I probably hosed up something
> obvious.

i changed around the tests some.. i think this needs to be done
differently anyway.  

> > i still don't fully get how the find_partition_() functions work, but
> > p->disk->name seems to resolve to the whole disk (/dev/sda for
> > example) not the Apple_Bootstrap (even when one is there).
> > this is obviously a Bad Thing. 
> Right, it should probably be p->name (if I remember correctly). I must
> not have been having a good coding night.

i think so, thats what im using now.  

> > not all machines need anything more then boot-device.  beige g3s for
> > example are not one of them...
> Do you mean some machines need more or that not all machines work using
> this approach? I've seen references to the beige g3s being problematic.

i mean some machines to boot quik only need boot-device changed from
/AAPL,ROM (MacOS) to whatever the OF device name is to the disk.  but
many machines seem to fail to boot with this, beige g3s in
particular.  g3s can't even read from the disk at all without apples
> Oh hey, it's definitely a big ugly kludge! I was writing a shell file 
> to grab ofpath and set boot-device, boot-file, input-device, and
> output-device. I'm not sure that isn't a bit more elegant. When it
> turned out I didn't need anything but boot-device, I scrapped the rest
> of it. It might be useful to try to set input-device and output-device 
> based on model anyway. That would give us a better failure mode in case 
> things go awry (at least on the models we can help on). What do you think?

hmm, setting output-device and input-device could be useful, but only
on machines that it will work on.  for say a 7200 its useless since
they have aboslutely no ability to display to the monitor at all.
changing these variables would in fact be harmful in those cases as it
disables the dumb terminal attached to the serial port.  (every
oldworld owner should have a dumb terminal)

even the beige g3 lacks a screen alias unless you install apple's OF
patches.. (at least some of them are that way).  

so overall i think this is probably not a good idea, at least right

> Then, I'll make it happen. Hopefully tomorrow.

i may commit the confirmation dialog change tonite. you already have a
dialog there, it just needs to be reworded. 

Ethan Benson

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