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Re: [RFC] : all archs should see all ways of making disks

David Whedon <dwhedon@gordian.com> writes:

> We had yesterday a user installing onto sparc, but the only system available to
> create floppy images was Windows.  Since the rawrite section of the install
> manual is not included in the sparc manual it wasn't easy to figure out how to
> proceed.  I suggest we include all the different ways of installing in all
> manuals.  I'm happy to make the changes if I get the ok.
> 1. Does anyone object?

Nope.  You could do this in potato, then I could branch merge it. That
is what I suggest.  I still do potato documentation updates to

The patch seems fine.

> 2.  The section Modifying the &RESCUE-FLOPPY; to Support National Language
> is also only for i386 . Is that right?

Yes, because it's syslinux-centric.

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