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Re: powermac boot-floppy patches

On Wed, May 30, 2001 at 03:57:00PM -0800, Ethan Benson wrote:
> one other side issue, do we plan to support IBM CHRP hardware?
> (RS/6000 and such) these machines also use yaboot, but install it a
> bit differently.  yabootconfig and ybin already support that.  the
> difference dbootstrap is interested in is they use msdos disklabels
> and a type `0x41 PPC PReP Boot' bootstrap partition, yaboot is
> directly dded to it (mkofboot does that).  
> however the 64 bit versions of this hardware needs a yaboot compiled
> for them specifically, the yaboot package currently does not do that,
> and yabootconfig does not yet know about using different versions of
> yaboot.  (i would really prefer to get yaboot fixed to work on both
> machines.. the only difference is a tiny fragment of ppc asm to force
> the thing into 32 bit mode)

I don't know about the 64 bit line yet, but we certainly intend to
support the 32 bit CHRP/PReP machines.  I'll have one for testing in a
few days, with luck.

Daniel Jacobowitz                           Debian GNU/Linux Developer
Monta Vista Software                              Debian Security Team

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