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cvs commit to boot-floppies/scripts/rootdisk by eb

Repository: boot-floppies/scripts/rootdisk
who:        eb
time:       Fri Jun  1 06:24:16 PDT 2001

Log Message:

fix yaboot installation:
	- fix partition checks, removed check for /boot on same disk, thats not required (on macs)
	- moved yabootconfig call into a #define like all the others
	- fixed call to yabootconfig so it will actually work
	- stole silo's hack to fix cross device symlinks in the event
	  of a /boot partition, however this appears to be broken atm, it creates
	  a symlink with binary garbage in it (run_silo is probably broken too)
	- removed untrue warning about `destroying ability to boot other OSes'

added LD_LIBRARY_PATH to ybinwrapper, hfsutils barfs on reduced libc.


changed:    ybinwrapper

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